The AVACOM GATE CONTROL SMART CAMERA SYSTEM provides a highly customizable Gate Control enhancement to Private Property access. A vision-based technology that can be configured to meet your unique gate control requirements.

Upgrade any existing motorized Gate Control System quickly and easily
Manage and control private property access from any mobile device
Record and Playback Gate Traffic Videos and Events for up to 1 year

SYSTEM SOLUTION With the AVACOM Image Processing and Quikwire technologies, we offer a unique solution with,

SMART CAMERA: Truly an All-In-One smart camera with,
1) On-board image processing
2) Connect to existing Gate Controller through GPIO Interface
3) Connect to property Network using existing wiring through Avacom Quikwire Hub

WEB INTERFACE / MOBILE APP: Live View and Configuration for Automatic gate access with a settable combination of image information such as,
1) Vehicle License Plate
2) Vehicle Manufacturer
3) Vehicle Type (Truck, SUV, Sedan, Motorcycle, etc)